We are witnessing a new digital economy.

A step forward in creating wealth is yearn farming. Join the creation.

100% of presale will be used to add and lock liquidity to prevent damaging speculations.

Token (YDGF)

The presale has just ended!

Uniswap info token YDGF
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  • Presale Starts
    3rd of October 2020

  • Token Name
    Digital Finance (YDGF)

  • Seed Sale
    0,045 ETH per Token

  • Presale Price
    0,055 ETH per Token

  • Uniswap Listing Price
    0,070 ETH per Token

  • Size of the presale
    250 ETH

  • Investment Limits
    Min 0.1 ETH – Max 5 ETH

  • Total Supply
    30 000 tokens


Digital Finance (YDGF) Token

Total Supply
30 000 Tokens

About Project


Digital Finance technology is a liquidity aggregator providing automated yield farming strategy through a number of lending pools. Digital Finance token is also creating pools, a lending pool consisting of top stable-coins like USDC, DAI, TUSD and USDT, and is used for the BUSD pool thanks to Digital Finance technology’s interest-earning Digital token standard.

White Paper



September 2020

Marketing Started, Presale, Uniswap Listing



October 2020

Adding Pools To Stacking And Farming

November 2020

Finish Pools Correctly And Shift Efforts

December 2020

Listing On Major Exchanges After Providing Well Prospering Pools

January 2021

Team Will Keep You Updated, Main Focus On Marketing

Yearn Farming Pool


Leaving YDGF for stacking in theory, it carries a lower % return on investment but It’s still good passive income for your wallets.

Return extra 1% of YDGF tokens

Return extra 5% of YDGF tokens

Return extra 70% of YDGF tokens

We are also creating an amazing burn system, example:

You are stacking 50 YDGF tokens for 1 Month. After 1 month you are receiving 55 YDGF tokens. This sum is completely for you. Our system will automatically burn 5% of 55 YDGF tokens from our pool so 2.75 YDGF Tokens will be burned after that transaction automatically. It will provide deflationary system, in this way the total supply of YDGF tokens will continuously decrease.

Tokens can be withdrawn at any time, but in this case the prizes will not be awarded.


For now we want to start with 3 pools, over time, based on the opinions of the recipients, we will add the pools for which will be the greatest demand.

There will be 4 pairs:


More details will be available soon when the developer will match everything properly.


You can provide liquidity on Uniswap’s Digital Finance pools and you’ll be receiving expected future rewards.


Is there a minimum and maximum amount or time to farm?

None. Rewards will be charged depending on the time and amount farmed. There is no limit of farming, everything is calculated automatically.

What are the expected rewards for current liquidity providers? Is it NFT or New token?

It will be a mix of both GSWAP and ecosystem NFTs with unique properties like bonuses and value multipliers.

Which pool should I choose? Will I get better rewards from a particular pool,or are there the same indicators for each pool?

The biggest of them all and with the biggest liquidity will be definitely YDGF-ETH Pool. All the pools are attractive but definitely YDGF-ETH will be the best one to choose.


The YDGF Team combines a passion for new technologies, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.